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My boyfriend turned 26 this past week and I planned an entire day of activities to celebrate. Our last event was a fantastic dinner at Amelie in West Village. We consumed a whole bottle of Cabernet, plus rich dishes like coq au vin, buttery escargot and steak frites. French food never disappoints.

I rarely drink anymore so of course the next day, I dragged myself out of bed at noon for an 11:30am brunch reservation at Cafe Altro Paradiso. Oops. We had their famed Wagyu burger (worth it) and cacio e pepe that turned out to be gnocchi instead of the classic spaghetti (not worth it). While taking photos of the restaurant, the maître d’ told me clients may not want their picture taken, to which I responded, “Can I just take one more?” #anythingfortheblog We stopped by Tibi afterwards and I drooled over their current collection. Also white walls and gold accents have always been my thing.

By the way, the city is dreadfully cold right now. I’m glad I live in a climate where fall and spring last approximately four days every year. New York, I love you.


  1. Drone camera so he can get those awesome aerial shots of you when you travel #instaboyfriend
  2. Dear Evan Hansen tickets because finally you won’t be the only one crying during a show
  3. A sassy card that he will (or will at least pretend to) appreciate
  4. Common Project sneakers that give his t-shirt and jeans uniform a sophisticated edge
  5. Tom Brady jersey because let’s face it: he really is the G.O.A.T.
  6. Bedsheets from Brooklinen because no boy ever has ever owned an extra set of sheets
  7. Tray table plus breakfast in bed. Feel free to Seamless because who are you kidding when you say you’re going to cook
  8. Apple TV so you can spend even more time Netflix and Chilling
  9. Harry’s subscription service even though you love his stubble
  10. All Saint’s sweater so he can stay warm when he’s doing #1 above

  1.  Holiday gift pack of Jeni’s Splendid that you can share while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary for the millionth time
  2. Michele Watch which I’ve been eyeing for over a year
  3. A care package of her favorite Asian snacks because shrimp chips > Lays
  4. Monogrammed coffee mug
  5. Headphone splitter so you can finally both listen to Kanye at the same time
  6. Trendy workout leggings for the Equinox class she loves
  7. Gold rimmed agate coasters
  8. A piece of art from Society6 that she can liven up her room with
  9. A cool pair of silver sneakers
  10. Away carry on that she can use every time she visits you (which you wish was every week)



Zara coat, Zara Scarf, BDG Jeans, Matisse Loafers, Quay Sunglasses


Since being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about three years ago, I’ve become almost consumed by the idea of anxiety. I’m constantly checking to see whether or not my chest is constricted, whether or not my heart is racing, etc. This past week, I decided to ban the word anxiety for one month (sans for this blog post :) I realized by constantly discussing my anxiety, I was actually making things worse. Even my boyfriend noticed that it wasn’t until he started dating me that he ever even thought about anxiety. And just a few weeks ago, I wrote an entire post on it.

Let me tell you, it’s done wonders. It’s enabled me to focus on the positive moments in life, like

  • the bliss of seeing my baby nephews this weekend
  • the satisfaction of cooking my favorite Thanksgiving sides (six sticks of butter included)
  • the comfort of spending a whole day watching Netflix in our home theatre
  • the joy of finally visiting the Renwick Gallery in DC
  • and walking around Georgetown when it’s a crisp 61 degrees (my idea of perfect weather)

Now whenever I find myself feeling anxious, I stop myself from saying it outloud and force myself talk to about anything else. At first it was hard to not acknowledge my feelings, but after a few days, I found the time between noticing a twinge of anxiety and changing the subject to something else getting shorter and shorter. I’ve become more accustomed to letting a moment of anxiety pass rather than letting it overwhelm me.

One time, due to the extreme emotional mood swings I get when I’m PMSing and on birth control, I cried at work because my breakfast place gave me potatoes with my eggs when I specifically said no potatoes. That pretty much summarizes my experience with the pill.

Crying because of potatoes, feeling bloated and gaining weight, and suffering from really bad anxiety when I’m PMSing have still never stopped me from taking that little monster of a contraceptive everyday for almost the last 8 years. Why? Because no one likes condoms.

(I obviously use them if I’m not in a monogamous, trusting relationship but that has been rare.)

So when I saw an ad for an app that relies on the calendar method, which I thought was literally guaranteed to get you preggers, it felt like God finally heard the prayers of me and all of womankind. Based on a study of over 40,000 women, Natural Cycles proved their app is just as effective as the pill. They give you a thermometer to more accurately track whether or not you need to use protection on a certain day and the chances of getting a “green” day when it’s actually “red” is less than .05% (even better than the pill in fact).

I did a lot of research before signing up since the consequences of this thing failing are obviously massive, but the evidence really does show that the app works. So much in fact that it has been approved by the European Union as a reliable form of birth control.

All I can say is Hallelujah. Praise Jesus. Amen.