Sunday in Soho

My boyfriend turned 26 this past week and I planned an entire day of activities to celebrate. Our last event was a fantastic dinner at Amelie in West Village. We consumed a whole bottle of Cabernet, plus rich dishes like coq au vin, buttery escargot and steak frites. French food never disappoints.

I rarely drink anymore so of course the next day, I dragged myself out of bed at noon for an 11:30am brunch reservation at Cafe Altro Paradiso. Oops. We had their famed Wagyu burger (worth it) and cacio e pepe that turned out to be gnocchi instead of the classic spaghetti (not worth it). While taking photos of the restaurant, the maître d’ told me clients may not want their picture taken, to which I responded, “Can I just take one more?” #anythingfortheblog We stopped by Tibi afterwards and I drooled over their current collection. Also white walls and gold accents have always been my thing.

By the way, the city is dreadfully cold right now. I’m glad I live in a climate where fall and spring last approximately four days every year. New York, I love you.

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