Paris Part 3

I’m writing this post a month after our visit to the City of Lights, during which time I’ve thought a lot about the inherent values and stresses of blogging. On the one hand I am blessed with an outlet for my creative cravings but on the other, I feel like every moment of free time is a wasted blog opportunity. It’s hard to have a full-time job and try to blog when you’re a perfectionist and want to give 100% to both. I’ll admit Paris Part 3 isn’t my best visual work but then again, I started this blog with the intention of documenting my life in a pure, genuine way void of glamorous shots you see on popular fashion blogs. I wanted my blog to feel real, not curated which is a hard balance when you also appreciate how beautiful curation can look.

For the next few posts, I’m going to try to let go of my drive to create perfection and instead focus my attention towards honest writing and photography. I hope you like it.








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