Have a Sunny Weekend!


After the surprising March snowfall yesterday, I was so happy to wake up to the sunniest morning I’ve had in months. It looks like the good weather will keep up for the entire weekend (knock on wood) so I’ll be shooting outfit photos, getting brunch with my girlfriends, and exploring West Village. I can’t wait to try out the food at this place and get some great pictures on the blog and on my Instagram. Hope you guys have an equally bright and warm weekend!

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Are luxury massages worth the price tag?



For Valentine’s Day, Dan and I treated ourselves to a couples massage package at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria. We arrived to the 19th floor of the illustrious hotel, where the elevators opened up to ornate gold wallpaper and elegant hanging crystals. One spa attendant stowed away our coats and bags while another treated us to hot tea and fresh juice. Shortly after, two masseuses took us to our private massage room where we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and Godiva truffles. The whole experience basically made me feel like a real life Blair Waldorf.





We agreed on a Swedish massage, which I like to call the Goldilocks of massages: not too firm but not too gentle. After our 50 minutes of heaven, we were allowed 20 minutes to relax in our personal steam room and shower. I even got to spritz on some signature Guerlain perfume before leaving.

So was it worth the steep price tag (over $500 with tax and tip)? I would compare it to dining at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. It’s great to experience that kind of luxury and over-the-top service once in a while and you’re extremely lucky if you can do it on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great massage in New York for a lot cheaper. Sure, that corner place offering $60 for 60 minute massages might not afford you chocolates, champagne and your own steam room, but hell, I say sneak in a box of Godivas, down a few glasses of champagne at dinner beforehand and jump into your own bathroom tub when you get home if you still want to experience a little bit of hedonism. Then take all that money you saved and spend it on a pair of Jimmy Choos ;)


Happy Friday!

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Snowmaggedon round 2 is coming to New York on Sunday so I’m going to squeeze all the weekend fun into one jam-packed Saturday. I’ll be shooting a few style photos, trying out Bluestone Collective Cafe in West Village, and eating barbeque at Miss Korea. Hope you all have a sunnier weekend than mine.

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Photo by Cher Bai


Valentine’s Gifts for Her

The Valentine’s Series continues with the easiest post I’ve written to date…gifts to get your girlfriend ;)

1. For the gal who loves curling up with a soft blanket and a great book, and by that I mean a real book where you can flip through pages and run your fingers along inked words: 




Fine quality loose leaf tea, a quirky mug, and her favorite book so she can enjoy a soothing cup of tea while cherishing all the bits she missed the first time she read it.

2. For the lady who looks beautiful sleeping in an old college tee or nothing at all…but deserves to go to bed in something a little more sexy:


A set of silky red pajamas that will make her feel gorgeous and seductive all at the same time.

3. For the shoe-lover who never gets to wear flirtatious sandals because of her office job:

red shoes

A pair of lavish red heels that she’d never buy for herself

4. For the woman who admires the blooming roses every time she passes by the florist on her way to work:

IMG_4483 copy

A year-long subscription that delivers a bouquet of flowers to her door every month!

5. For the traditional girl who wants nothing but a sentimental piece of jewelry:


A bracelet engraved with the coordinates of where you first met


Alternative Valentine’s Dates

i like you

An elegant dinner in the city can feel pretty boring after a while so I’ve come up with five date ideas for couples looking to do something a bit out-of-the-box this Valentine’s Day.

1. Museum of Natural History Romance Under the Stars 

  • Imagine sipping on champagne and holding your partner’s hand under one of the largest planetariums in the world. Picture learning the constellations of our night sky as told by the love stories behind them while beautiful jazz renditions play in the background. Does it get any more romantic than that? Ugh I die.

2. Valentine’s Day Cruise

  • Dinner and dancing might sound a bit cliche, but when your partner is twirling you on a yacht sailing along the Hudson, it feels dreamy and glamorous. A bunch of different cruise lines offer Valentine’s cruise packages ranging from $90 to $150 per person. Try Spirit Cruises, Viator, or Bateaux New York.

3. Sleep No More

  • This is all my friends have been talking about lately. Think drunk Shakespeare meets Whose Line Is It Anyways. You show up to a warehouse in Chelsea titled “The McKittrick Hotel,” where you’re part of an unscripted version of Macbeth. You run around following actors into mysteriously dark and cluttered rooms and supposedly you have no idea what’s going on half the time, but it’s all part of the fun! Trust me, it sounds weird, but it’s like so New York right now.

4. Couple’s Spa Day

  • No worries if you prefer some tranquility with your special sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. There are a million spas that offer couple’s packages but my favorites have to be the Mandarin Oriental for an ultra-luxurious (albeit ultra-pricey) experience, Ease NY if you’re looking for Asian massage therapy on a budget, and Ohm for something that’s a bit in-between.

5. Museum of Modern Art Tour

  • My most beloved museum is offering couples a candlelit wine reception with hors d’eourves followed by a private group tour of the museum. Wouldn’t you feel super cultured and special seeing the amazing works of Monet, Rothko and Klimt (also known as my three favorite artists:) while the museum is closed off to the public?

Photo by Gemma Correll


Have a fun Super Bowl weekend!


Will you guys be watching the big game this weekend? I’m embarrassed to admit that when my friend asked me where I was viewing the Super Bowl, I replied “When is that?” I can’t help but feel more excited about the gorgeous new wool coat that arrived just in time for tomorrow’s excursion to Han Dynasty. I also decided to schedule more downtime during the weekend so I’ve armed myself with nail polish, the latest copy of Vogue and a new champagne rose candle that will hopefully keep me preoccupied while Dan watches the game.

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