If you google Roman and Williams Guild, you’ll fine the tagline “Design, French Food and Flowers.” Um can you think of a better combination? I dare you. This Soho gem was the perfect place to meet photographer, Caitee Smith, for the first time.  I’m a bit of a micromanager and also pretty obsessive compulsive which does not make for the most easy to work with wannabe blogger girlfriend (sorry babe, I swear I didn’t mean to almost push you in front of a taxi for cutting off my feet in a picture) so I started looking for an affordable professional whose style I thought was similar to mine. After a bit of digging around the internet, I landed upon Caitee and we set up a time to meet for outfit and scenery pics at Roman and Williams.

Roman and Williams features gorgeous industrial influenced furniture, floral “sculptures” by Emily Thompson, and a cafe called La Mercerie.

Peach tart and baby blinis (Russian pancakes) with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Zara coat, boots and fringed shirt; Paige leather pants; Topshop scarf and choker; Quay sunglasses   

Thank you, Caitee, for these stunning photos!

Zara coat, H&M jeans, Michele watch, Quay sunnies, Louis Vuitton bag



Despite being an (amateuer) contemporary art enthusiast and 4th year NYC resident (not the medical kind, I practically failed anything science related), I had never visited the annual Armory Show until last weekend. We did a little window shopping in Soho first before heading to the middle of nowhere, aka 12th avenue, for this Big Apple version of art basel. I had also only recently lost my By Chloe virginity – I know, what kind of wannabe fashion blogger am I if I don’t eat instagram curated vegan food? Yet I somehow managed to eat Chloe 3x in this one weekend.

The show was awesome as expected but also ginormous. I literally couldn’t fit into my loafers the next morning because my feet were so swollen from walking around for hours. It didn’t help that Dan took a snail’s approach to observing the art. At one point, we got separated and I had gotten to the back of the first showroom while he was still barely 1/4th of the way through. Thanks dude.

It was also super interesting to see how our iPhones have changed the way we view art. We see everything through our pixelated screens now rather than with our bare eyes. In fact, the last photo on the left was a pool of water that was programmed with facial recognition and mirrored the audience’s face, but the artist had to tell everyone to put our phones away because they were covering our faces. Now that’s pretty dope and corrupted.

Loft faux fur coat, Zara jeans, Sam Edelman backless loafers, Quay sunglasses

Locanda Verde brunch

Louis Vuitton has a dope exhibition going on right now in Tribeca. “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” pays tribute to 163 years of classic luxury and features everything from decadent gowns to old time luggage. I had originally planned on getting up at 8am that day, expecting the usual NYC wait of 1-3 hours for anything with an expiration date, but I luckily saw a coworker’s Instastory of the exhibition the night before and asked her how long she stood in line. I was a little shocked when she said there was no line and she walked right in, but I guess I went during the onset of the holiday season when most New Yorkers flee the city.

We ate at Locanda Verde beforehand and my boyfriend got shrimp and grits while I ordered lemon ricotta pancakes. My appetite was really low that entire week and I was praying that it was the result of going off birth control. But nope. It’s back and in full force just in time for Christmas. Thank you world for blessing me with the appetite of a bear before hibernation.


My boyfriend turned 26 this past week and I planned an entire day of activities to celebrate. Our last event was a fantastic dinner at Amelie in West Village. We consumed a whole bottle of Cabernet, plus rich dishes like coq au vin, buttery escargot and steak frites. French food never disappoints.

I rarely drink anymore so of course the next day, I dragged myself out of bed at noon for an 11:30am brunch reservation at Cafe Altro Paradiso. Oops. We had their famed Wagyu burger (worth it) and cacio e pepe that turned out to be gnocchi instead of the classic spaghetti (not worth it). While taking photos of the restaurant, the maître d’ told me clients may not want their picture taken, to which I responded, “Can I just take one more?” #anythingfortheblog We stopped by Tibi afterwards and I drooled over their current collection. Also white walls and gold accents have always been my thing.

By the way, the city is dreadfully cold right now. I’m glad I live in a climate where fall and spring last approximately four days every year. New York, I love you.



For Valentine’s Day, Dan and I treated ourselves to a couples massage package at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria. We arrived to the 19th floor of the illustrious hotel, where the elevators opened up to ornate gold wallpaper and elegant hanging crystals. One spa attendant stowed away our coats and bags while another treated us to hot tea and fresh juice. Shortly after, two masseuses took us to our private massage room where we were welcomed with a bottle of champagne and Godiva truffles. The whole experience basically made me feel like a real life Blair Waldorf.





We agreed on a Swedish massage, which I like to call the Goldilocks of massages: not too firm but not too gentle. After our 50 minutes of heaven, we were allowed 20 minutes to relax in our personal steam room and shower. I even got to spritz on some signature Guerlain perfume before leaving.

So was it worth the steep price tag (over $500 with tax and tip)? I would compare it to dining at a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. It’s great to experience that kind of luxury and over-the-top service once in a while and you’re extremely lucky if you can do it on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great massage in New York for a lot cheaper. Sure, that corner place offering $60 for 60 minute massages might not afford you chocolates, champagne and your own steam room, but hell, I say sneak in a box of Godivas, down a few glasses of champagne at dinner beforehand and jump into your own bathroom tub when you get home if you still want to experience a little bit of hedonism. Then take all that money you saved and spend it on a pair of Jimmy Choos ;)