We spent most of day two on the Buda side, which is known for its monumental castles, fortresses, and bathhouses. Highlights reel includes:

  • Fisherman’s Bastion and St Matthias, two great examples of Budapest’s beautiful architecture. The Bastion also provides stunning views of the Pest side of the city
  • Varbazar, which I believe is a church? Not really sure but it was a nice sight to walk past on our way to the bathhouse.
  • Gellert Bathhouse – Budapest is famous for its pretty bathhouses where you can relax in hot water for hours. We mistakenly took this pool to be the hot bath and it took us only 30 minutes of swimming in lukewarm water to realize the hot pools were in the back of the building.
  • Central Market Hall – Another rookie move was thinking we could eat lunch here when it’s really just an indoor’s farmer’s market with lots of fresh produce, butchers and spice shops. It’s a cool stop if you’re walking across the Liberty Bridge to get back to the Pest side but not a must see if you don’t have the time.
  • Hungarian Parliament Building – We took a boat tour at night and got a gorgeous view of the Parliament Building. By this point in the trip, I was pretty sick of Hungarian food (can I just say SO much stew aka goulash) and happily treated myself to McDonald’s. I stuffed my coat pockets with cheeseburgers and fries like the classy girl that I am, and while my friend was super embarrassed by me, I gleefully enjoyed the satisfaction that comes with simultaneously eating McDonald’s and looking at the pretty sights of Budapest light up at night.

I read this interesting article on The Cut the other day about the physical woes of anxiety. My therapist tells me that oftentimes the body is the first to recognize anxiety. Sometimes I don’t even have anything stressful on my mind and yet it feels like:

  • my chest is super tight, like my lungs are being squeezed in someone’s hands
  • my breathing is shallow
  • my hands are tingly and numb
  • and my head is heavy yet dizzy at the same time

I’ve heard from people who are less aware of the physical symptoms of mental illness that it’s all in your head, but what about when it’s not just your mind? What about when your body feels it too?

That’s why when I think about mental illness, I picture that the brain is not functioning at its healthiest capacity. Just as our world has blood disorders, liver disease, etc, it seems logical that the brain – the most complex organ of them all – wouldn’t work properly for every individual, right?

Maybe if we focus on how physical “mental” illness can be, the lucky ones without it might better understand why telling a depressed person to stop being sad is like telling a person with diabetes to lower their insulin levels. Maybe we should stop calling it a “mental” illness altogether and treat it with the same care and sympathy we give those with Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders.

  1. H&M camel sweater with butterfly applique
  2. Affordable gold bangle bracelet that you could easily stack
  3. Classic black coat by Zara with a pretty fur collar
  4. Edgy take on a snow globe
  5. Off the shoulder sweater
  6. A great chair for the dining room, office or living room
  7. Adorable llama slip on sneakers complete with real llama wool

I’m super excited to see Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery this weekend. I’ve been dying to experience Infinity Mirrors and since the artist is approaching her 90’s, this might literally be my last chance. The gallery’s doors open at 10am so I’m hoping that if I arrive at 9am, I’ll be one of the first inside.

This past week, I started working out and eating healthy again. I somehow gained 15 pounds this year (20 if you compare to my post break-up weight). Oh the wonders that a new relationship does to your body. Who needs a nice body when you have a nice boyfriend? Still debating whether I’d rather be happy and fat or anxious and skinny. In the meantime, I’m cutting out carbs and doing lots of SoulCycle and yoga. Wish me luck.

I finally jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon after my boyfriend pushed me to watch the first season so we could binge on the newly aired second together. By the end of episode one, I was hooked. A few things I love about this show:

  1. The child actors are awesome. Perhaps the strangest thing about this show is the crazy talented cast, especially Millie Bobby Brown who was just 12 when she started playing El. Sidenote: Millie as a baby name? Yay or nay?
  2. As a result of #1, this show gives you so many feels. Lots of tears were shed this past weekend. My boyfriend had to remind me that this is a TV show and not real life.
  3. It’s a cool ode to the 80’s with a funky electro soundtrack reminiscent of neo-noir films like Drive.

Also, just when I thought Millie couldn’t get any cooler, I discovered how chic her style is. I decided it’s too weird to have a girl crush on a 13 year old so have settled on style crushing on her instead. 9 favorite looks below: