Dan and I recently spent 3 and a half days in Paris, which at first felt like enough time to soak up the highlights, especially since I’ve visited the city before. But on the last day, when we mistakenly thought there wouldn’t be lines at the Louvre at 9am or when we realized we didn’t really get to see any art during the trip, I decided I was completely wrong. This city is too charming to rush through cappuccinos and croissants, or to almost murder your boyfriend when he still wasn’t done with his steak yet and the Eiffel Tower light show is about to start.

Highlights on days 1 and 2 below. I’m also in the midst of writing an itinerary of our trip. I’m a major planner and have an insane organizational system when it comes to travel. Dan says it’s scary how much joy I get from making a schedule. But then again he also texted me today because one of his Insta fans DM’d him for our Paris itinerary so I’m not too sorry about my addiction to planning.

One general thing to note: I love Paris’ architecture with its charming streets and antique roofs so outside of visiting the Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower, spent a lot of day 1 and 2 just wandering around a few the 3rd and 6th arrondissements. Dan likes to take a different approach to traveling – he prefers historical and tourist sites over killing your feet (aka my bunion) just walking all day.

Louis Vuitton purse, Loft faux fur coat, Zara blouse and boots

Nothing more classic than a Parisian rooftop

The owner of above restaurant came out to yell at me to buy something or leave about 30 seconds after this photo was taken.

Best croissants in town @ Sebastian Gaudard

Mango top, Michele watch, Sam Edelman loafers

I subsisted on escargots during this trip. I’ve always adored this dish but didn’t develop a taste for it until after high school (the last time I visited Paris was in 11th grade) so this was the first time having authentic, buttery, garlic-y, herb-y escargots. Even if it sounds gross to you, it’s a must try. At the very least you’ll love dipping French bread in the sauce.

Coolest fashion, architecture and flower shops on every block

Au revoir Paris, you’ve been good to us.

Zara coat, H&M jeans, Michele watch, Quay sunnies, Louis Vuitton bag



Despite being an (amateuer) contemporary art enthusiast and 4th year NYC resident (not the medical kind, I practically failed anything science related), I had never visited the annual Armory Show until last weekend. We did a little window shopping in Soho first before heading to the middle of nowhere, aka 12th avenue, for this Big Apple version of art basel. I had also only recently lost my By Chloe virginity – I know, what kind of wannabe fashion blogger am I if I don’t eat instagram curated vegan food? Yet I somehow managed to eat Chloe 3x in this one weekend.

The show was awesome as expected but also ginormous. I literally couldn’t fit into my loafers the next morning because my feet were so swollen from walking around for hours. It didn’t help that Dan took a snail’s approach to observing the art. At one point, we got separated and I had gotten to the back of the first showroom while he was still barely 1/4th of the way through. Thanks dude.

It was also super interesting to see how our iPhones have changed the way we view art. We see everything through our pixelated screens now rather than with our bare eyes. In fact, the last photo on the left was a pool of water that was programmed with facial recognition and mirrored the audience’s face, but the artist had to tell everyone to put our phones away because they were covering our faces. Now that’s pretty dope and corrupted.

Good bye 2017 – you were full of surprises and taught me so much but I’m so looking forward to 2018 and all of its opportunities to travel. I already have a three day trip to Paris booked for March. It’s my third time in the City of Love, but my first visiting with someone I’m in love with. How exciting!!

Of course, I’m already thinking ahead and dreaming about where else my passport will take me to in 2018. So far, I’m thinking:

Loft faux fur coat, Zara jeans, Sam Edelman backless loafers, Quay sunglasses

Locanda Verde brunch

Louis Vuitton has a dope exhibition going on right now in Tribeca. “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez” pays tribute to 163 years of classic luxury and features everything from decadent gowns to old time luggage. I had originally planned on getting up at 8am that day, expecting the usual NYC wait of 1-3 hours for anything with an expiration date, but I luckily saw a coworker’s Instastory of the exhibition the night before and asked her how long she stood in line. I was a little shocked when she said there was no line and she walked right in, but I guess I went during the onset of the holiday season when most New Yorkers flee the city.

We ate at Locanda Verde beforehand and my boyfriend got shrimp and grits while I ordered lemon ricotta pancakes. My appetite was really low that entire week and I was praying that it was the result of going off birth control. But nope. It’s back and in full force just in time for Christmas. Thank you world for blessing me with the appetite of a bear before hibernation.


My roommate asked me about my taste in famous dudes the other day and I explained that I’m attracted to actors based on the roles they’ve played and the talent they exude. I’ve never been into “pretty boys” like Channing Tatum and Chase Crawford but I love rugged, unconventionally hot guys who play very serious roles. My boyfriend jokes that it only took him 7 years of friendship and 2 tattoos for him to win me over.

My favorites include:

Tom Hardy, especially because he’s regularly casted by Christopher Nolan who’s one of my favorite directors

Alex Skarsgard, even when he played a psycho husband in Big Little Lies

Christoph Waltz, mostly because he plays Tarentino’s quirky roles so well

Viggo Mortensen but only as a Russian gangster in Eastern Promises